Essential Oils in Treating Depression

Some Essential Oils can be Very Helpful in Treating Depression

Depression affects millions of people in the United States. Some people find that taking prescribed medications works best for them. Still, others like to look for more natural treatments. One of these natural treatments is the use of essential oils. Essential oils have long been used as natural treatments for various ailments and illnesses. There are many different essential oils that can be useful in dealing with depression. See more on , NaturalOil7

Patchouli Oil

Patchouli essential oil is extracted through steam distillation from the leaves of the Patchouli plant. This oil has many different uses but is most recognized for its anti depressant properties. According to the Organic Facts website, this essential oil helps to lift up a person’s mood and drive away disappointment as well as relax away tension. Some people even report that this oil helps fill them with new hope. It can be used in massage or through aromatherapy.

Davanna Oil

Davana essential oil is extracted by steam distillation from the flowers of the Davana plant. This particular oil has been used in India for centuries and is still used for religious purposes. The essential oil is very useful in the treatment of depression. The oil helps to relieve depression by inducing a feeling of peace over the person experiencing the depression. It also lifts the mood which can help the person see through the haze of depression. Many people use this essential oil as an aromatherapy treatment but it can also be used in massage to help treat the depression.

Rosemary Oil

Rosemary essential oils are extracted from the green leaves of the Rosemary plant. The leaves are similar in appearance to pine needles. This essential oil has been used by a number of ancient cultures to treat all kinds of ailments. It has the ability to lift a person’s mood and can combat depression. Inhaling this essential oil when you are feeling blue can help a great deal. Try using it in aromatherapy in your home or use it during a massage to achieve that relaxed, uplifted feeling.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant. Chamomile essential oil can be very helpful for people that suffer from depression. According to the Organic Facts website, chamomile oil can help to raise the spirit and fight depression. It has been found to diminish the feeling of sadness or sluggishness and can induce a happy, excited feeling. Many people who suffer from depression are finding that carrying a bottle of this oil with them and placing a drop around their nasal cavity when they are feeling blue is very helpful. Others like to use chamomile oil in a massage or in aromatherapy in their homes.

Hot Oil Manicure

Hot Oil Manicure

Aromatherapy is good for everyone and can be used in a variety of ways. Whether you are using essential oils in your bath water, or body lotion, in a manicure or pedicure.

Basic oils

Lavender – is a relaxant, it adds balance and boost the immunity. Lavender is great for manicure and pedicure. Adding two to three drops in to your water and letting the hands a feet soak.

Chamomile – like Lavender is great for relaxation. Chamomile sooths nerves and is also helpful with menstral cramps. Chamomile is most effective when use in pot Pori or candle or Chamomile tea.

Peppermint – The strong minty sent of Peppermint helps with sinuses, energy and acts as a stimulant.

Geranium – The floral scent is good for tranquility and balance

Essential Oils for manicure and pedicures

  • Lemongrass Bergamot
  • Lavender Rose
  • Chamomile Eucalyptus
  • Jasmine Spearmint
  • Rosemary Lemon
  • Peppermint Grapefruit

Calming oils

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary

When using Essential oils, ensure that you are not placing the oil directly to your skin. Direct contact with the skin can cause irritation and become very uncomfortable.

Mixing Essential Oils

When mixing oils, you will need to have a non-scented lotion base. Have a container you can mix the lotion and oil in. Since Essential Oils are strong in scent you only need to add two to three drops and stir well into the lotion. Depending on the amount of lotion you have for mixing you may need more or less. Judge carefully. It is a good idea to test a small area before applying oils to the hand, feet and body.

Hot-Oil Manicure

Supplies needed: lotion, essential oil of choice, cotton balls, nail polish remover, nail file, plastic wrap, hand towels, cuticle oil, base coat, top coat, nail polish of your choice.

Before you begin warm-lotion of your choice in a microwavable container; when heated add essential oil of your choice into the lotion and stir well. Cover the lotion with a towel and let cool. Tear two pieces of plastic wrap enough to wrap your hands. Assistance may be needed for steps six and seven.

  1. Clean the nail bed of all nail polish
  2. Soak hands in lukewarm water
  3. Push back cuticles and clean under the nail bed.
  4. File nails into desired shape.
  5. Apply cuticle oil and massage into cuticles.
  6. Apply your warm lotion to both hands
  7. Wrap hands in plastic wrap, then with the hand towels. Sit for approximately five minutes.
  8. Remove towels and plastic wrap and massage the rest of lotion into hands.
  9. Use a cotton ball and clean the nail bed.
  10. Apply base coat and polish of choice. Finish with a top coat and let dry.

The Best Apps for Your PC

One of the functions of your PC is to make things easier. But to make your works become easier, you need some apps that you should install on your PC. By installing these apps, you can do everything with your PC better, faster, and easier. So, what are best apps that you need to install on your PC? Here are the recommendations by

Best Apps for Your PC
Best Apps for Your PC

Install These Apps for Greater and Better Work

1. Internet Download Manager
For those of you who often download any file on the internet, starting with software, movies, songs, and so on, surely you know IDM aka Internet Download Manager? Yup, by using this very useful software, downloading any file is much faster. Even up to 10x faster and more practical. IDM also has a plug-in to download YouTube videos directly in your browser.

2. LibreOffice
Creating and processing documents is one of the most important things to do on a PC or laptop. One of the free document processing software that we recommend is LibreOffice. Its features are not much different from Microsoft Office, but with smaller and lighter file sizes.

3. WinRAR
This is one of the most useful software for PC and laptop users. WinRAR is a software that can be used to compress a collection of files into a ZIP or RAR file, as well as function as an extractor to open various files in a ZIP, RAR, 7z, JAR, ISO format, and so on. WinRAR is a software with complete and mandatory functions on every laptop or PC.

4. CCleaner
In order to keep the performance and performance running well, you also have to clean junk files such as cache, temporary files, and so on. So that makes your computer’s performance become lighter and faster. The best software to do this task is CCleaner. By installing and running CCleaner, your PC or laptop will feel much lighter and faster when used.

Should I Choose Modern White Wall Tiles?

Contrasting color is not only booming in fashion style, but it also happened in home design including wall tiles selection. With the belief that the more contrast color, the more beautiful and cheerful atmosphere created, and people are eager to follow that way. However, many experts still recommended choosing white wall tiles compared to the colorful one.

The next question appeared, then, why must be white? Is it too conventional and simple, isn’t it? Therefore, Should I follow their opinion? If those questions are in your mind, it is better to read the following explanations about why contrasting colors are not preferable and tile for modern wall is the best choice.

Firstly, without ignoring the fact that most of homes, nowadays, is in smaller size, people should consider the rule of home design. It is crucial because most of people don’t want to have home with small impression. Whilst, colorful and contrast color create only messy and distracted room which is impossibly show an aesthetic and elegant look. On the other hand, neutral colors mainly white, in fact, accentuate larger space.

Secondly, the power of neutral color that enables to create more spacious area and clean look surely stimulates the modern performance of your home which is undeniably you like most. Besides, white wall tile are durable and easy to hide any residue on it. In addition, it is available in various sizes, patterns, designs and certainly at reasonable prices which really helps you to save money.

In case you want to combine different colors, don’t mix with more than two colors in similar area. It is so since it will ruin the theme of the design itself besides its looks. Remember to find soft color as the complement of white such as light blue or pink with fewer patterns.

5 Tips to Create Success for Women Entrepreneurs

The more advanced today many women are starting to become female entrepreneurs. These female entrepreneurs are even able to compete with men in promoting business or his business.

Never doubt the ability of women, both skill, intelligence, and mental. Well, for you who are female entrepreneurs, start creating success by doing the following tips:

1.Get More Relation

How to create a strong mental entrepreneur is to expand relationships or acquaintances. Do not hesitate to multiply friends from all fields. You can also join community activities and join the community.

In a community, there are so many people to meet, both men and women. In fact, from startup to professional. Feel free to exchange ideas with them. In a way here, you will feel more daring and stronger in competing.

2. Do not be shy Ask

Do not ever be embarrassed to ask. You can exchange ideas as described in the previous points. Discuss about many things and ask about anything that is still inside business indicators.

In fact, from this way, your mental can be strong and able to compete in the business arena. You can also read many books from various businesses so that later you will more easily run the business.

3.Low Profile

Low profile is a term used to represent human or what kind of skill and character. If you want to be a successful businessman and have a steel mentality should not too often expose who you are, what your plans are, and what skills you have.

Know if this is not very good, can even invite delinquency to other competitors. You just need to explain something briefly solid and clear without having to show off what is owned and what you can do and can not do.

4.Vision and Good Mission

Make your vision and mission good and profitable for you. Know if a good vision and mission will make you more competent if it is lived and implemented properly.

Do not assume if the vision and mission are ordinary or made just to complement the business. Pay attention to what can be an advantage and what’s troubling you. That’s where you can be create a good vision and mission and who can spur them selves to be successful.


The best way to strengthen mentally is to motivate yourself. Remember if no one cares about your business, except yourself. Do not assume that motivation only comes from others. Because the greatest motivation comes from yourself.

In addition you can also read a book from a great motivator. From there you will know what the sweetness of the fruit of hard work and what kind of pleasure to enjoy the fruit with people who You love and love when successful later.

Can Women and Men Be Competing in Entrepreneurs?

Women and men can compete in the world of entrepreneurs. There will be no limit that can differentiate between business men and women. Because both have the same rights and obligations.

As an entrepreneur, we should not look at your partner by gender. Because it is not very good to do.

For women, never hesitate to plunge into the business world. Make sure if the will and the mental continue to be sharpened as often as possible. Remember one thing. Never think negatively. think positively with confidence to be a successful person.

Tips Set Financial for Freelancer

Being a freelance worker or freelancer is currently increasingly in demand, especially by workers aged young age millennial.

The advantage of being a freelancer is quite a lot, especially in terms of time flexibility in working.

A freelancer can also freely manage the workload. If you already have a good network work, a freelancer does not have to worry about running out of orders.

On the other hand, the freedom and flexibility possessed by a freelancer, also has a lot of risk.

For example, in terms of income stability, depends on the number of orders coming. When order a lot, earnings can be abundant.

Vice versa. Not only that, a freelance worker also does not have the usual benefits enjoyed by employees.

For example, insurance protection, tax benefits, and other benefits that support financial needs.

Thus, for freelancers, financial arrangements need to be more disciplined so that financial condition is more stable even though the income stream is not fixed.

There are four important things about the management of personal finances that need to be considered by freelancers:

1. The emergency

Every earn a living, set aside some to collect emergency funds. Large emergency funds tailored to the needs.

For example, if your status is single, then the ideal emergency fund is 3 times the average monthly expenditure.

Meanwhile, if you are married, ideally emergency fund is 6 times the average expenditure per month.

The function of this emergency fund is to help you cover emergency needs.

For example, when suddenly have to seek treatment or have to renovate the house. Emergency funds are important so that you do not go straight to debt when cash comes in.

2. Have an orderly financial record

Good financial habits are very important to run by freelancers. By having an orderly financial record, such as incoming or outgoing cash flow data, you can have a trend picture personal finance.

From such financial data, you can manage your finances more closely. For example, if you find that spending too much is spent on non-primary needs, you can immediately change your lifestyle to be more efficient.

3. Have insurance

As a freelancer, you do not have the ‘luxury’ status of an employee who enjoys health insurance benefits up to tax allowances.

Therefore, you need to complete your own protection needs, whether it is life protection if you are currently listed as a breadwinner. Also, health insurance to cover financial risks due to problems health.

Signing up as a participant of BPJS Health can be the right choice. For life insurance, try to choose pure term life insurance (term life) in order to the opportunity to get affordable premiums with the sum assured as needed.

4.Be careful with credit cards

Credit cards can help you transact finances practically. However, do not let credit cards make you become more consumer by shopping without a plan. Get used to paying full credit card bills and take advantage of interest-free installments only 0% interest alias.