7 Mini Modern Kitchens To Be Copied

7 Mini Modern Kitchens To Be Copied

When the square footage of the home environment does not help, to come to the rescue are style specific, the layout-saving intelligent and colors that illuminate the space. The next 7 kitchens teach small but the latest generation, in step with the latest trends and great functionality. We discover up close what characteristics make enviable and all to be copied!

Girlish and elegant

Made even more pleasing to the eye from the warm parquet essence, this first XS kitchen has nothing to envy to the largest. The romantic and delicate shades speaks volumes about its current footprint.

White L

A solution for all sizes, the mini kitchen with an L layout makes the versatile and dynamic environment. The black & white juxtaposition of this particular project gives a boost of open space modernity.

The available space-saving

A space-saving layout that proposed by the next mini kitchen opening onto the kitchen area to the dining room and the living. The dialogue between the parties is so soft and the symmetry helps the square footage to breathe. of style Lights with different lampshades.

Small but trendy

Having a small kitchen does not mean sacrificing the trendy details. This is the concept that teaches the current project there in which the counter for quick meals is enhanced by the simple exterior views and the presence of stools with padding pattern.

When gray is not the same boring

Compact and developed all on one side only a very nice kitchen in metallic gray goes here seamlessly with the dining room of an ultra modern apartment.

Colorful and smart

Mix material, woods, steel and resins, turn on the next small kitchen which incorporates in a single island equipped space, dining table and lighted hood. One solution to copy and complete with colorful touches here and there.

Focus on details

Focus on the details when space does not help in magnitude, we can focus on the details, from light industrial to bicromatica palette and mix of rustic and modern style.

A little ‘color

The color is certainly an element that helps a lot to bring a breath of fresh air in an environment. Here prevails the light wood combination – white and it was decided to give the go with the red lights suspended in industrial style. An element of rupture with all the rest, which gives a nice touch of character!

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