Arrangement Of The Lights In A Photographic Studio And Outdoor

Arrangement Of The Lights In A Photographic Studio And Outdoor

The arrangement of the lights in a photo studio is critical to be able to get the expected result the lack of shadows, the brightness of the subject or, on the contrary, a particular play of light.

The advantage of the photo studio is to allow you, the photographer, to fix everything so you can reuse it the same configuration or allow the change between very quickly configurations I remember that in the first few months I had attached to the wall a number different set on the basis of special needs such as the portrait without shadows, still life and so on. Then, with the passage of time, put the lights in a way rather than in another has become virtually automatic.

The first thing a photographer ago when alleste a photo studio, is to eliminate the windows natural light, no matter how nice, is evil. The only light that interests us is artificial as totally controllable. That’s why so many people setting up their studies in the cellars there sewa sound system jakarta, with natural light, just do not get it. We assume of course that you already own studio lights, say the halogen spotlights whose power is between 300 and 1500W, or alternative (with the same lumens) with fluorescent as to generate at least 1 stop difference compared to the main flash.

more reflective surface window

If instead it wants to photograph in any case using the natural light coming through a window, the simplest solution is to replace the flash with a reflective surface as in the diagram below

The light from the window will soften shadows placed behind the subject after bouncing on a reflector, a wall, a white sheet or whatever located behind the subject. Obviously eye in exposure times and ISO this is the best solution to avoid a wrong white balance (in the end we have only one light source), but has the disadvantage of filtering, probably, a quantity of not quite optimal light .

the triad

The best solution when you want to take a picture, whether it’s a studio or outdoors, is to use three sources of light. Whether it’s three blinks, the sun and two flash, the sun and two mirrors, a flash and walls, the effect could be obtained with such a solution is the cancellation of all the shadows on the subject or generated by the subject on the scene.

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