Journey To Malawi, Africa The Amazing Liwonde National Park

Journey To Malawi, Africa The Amazing Liwonde National Park

The part of Lake Malawi is definitely the one that struck me the most because it is very characteristic and, in my previous travels, I had not visited places comparable to this. This does not mean that even the Liwonde National Park was a surprise, despite the rivalry on the safari theme was much closer with other areas of Africa visited on previous trips.

It is a relatively small park (584 sq km) characterized mostly by savannah and populated by elephants, hippos, buffalos, crocodiles, impalas and warthogs, as well as several species of birds.

From the information I had collected before leaving, I had learned that in 2013 a program of reintegration of lions had been implemented best time to visit mexico, but I admit, we have not seen and therefore I can not say if it was successful. Although it is not the home of the great predators, several images have enchanted me of this place. The elephants are numerous and I really owe them the strongest emotions.

First of all it is right to specify that the park can be visited on foot, by jeep and also by boat, furrowing the placid waters of the Shire River that runs through the park.

As soon as we arrived at the Liwonde Safari Camp, we placed our luggage in the room and immediately immersed ourselves in the park with a long walk on foot during which we had the first close encounter with a herd of elephants, just a few hundred meters from we. It is clear, however, that the meetings with the elephants should not end there. We have indeed discovered that the territory occupied by the structure in which we stayed, which I strongly recommend for the very welcoming rooms, the excellent cleanliness and the good quality of food, is much loved by the elephants of the place, so that there they visited both in the evening and the following morning.

In the evening we were only warned by the managers of the structure who invited us not to leave the rooms and at night, but we have not seen them, we only perceived their presence by the loud rustle of the trees caused by their passage. In the morning, during the breakfast, the excitement became much stronger because they crossed the camp a score of elephants, just a few meters from us.

Obviously we could not move until they left, but the wait is not weighed at all because we could attend a show that I would say that you do not attend every day! The elephants, however, still had a surprise for us during our ride on the river, our boat had to stop to allow the passage of an entire herd from one bank to another. I had already witnessed this scene in Botswana but they are those things that it is very difficult to get tired of and that, whenever they happen, have the power to amaze and leave you speechless.

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