5 Dangers Too Frequent Social Media Playing

Talk about Sosmed (social media), what do you think? Humm, surely you will think that Sosmed is a very exciting world of play. To the extent you forget the time and finally your duty abandoned.

Because of his preoccupation, you will often play Sosmed continuously. Without paying attention and socializing with the circumstances around you. It will affect not good tablets, especially in the community.

5 Dangers Too Frequent Social Media Playing

If too often play Social media without socializing with people around / society, will cause the following effects:

  • 1. Lost information / developments in the environment

Play Sosmed one of self-entertainment. But do not get too late. Spend a little time socializing with the surrounding community, so you know the information and developments that are going on in your neighborhood. If not, you will miss the progress.

  • 2. Poor people

If you do not socialize with the people, then you can not get to know the people around you well, you can not get along with them. Because most spend time with the internet.

  • 3. Can not adjust

In addition, as a result, if you are in the community’s activities together you will not be able to adjust to them. Both in customs, culture, norms and others. It will not make you as a whole citizen, because it is not in line with them.

  • 4. Self potential will not develop

Sosmed is only used as a mere entertainment. It will not develop your potential. Because the potential will evolve through interaction among others.

  • 5. Will be considered arrogant

As a result you do not pay attention, do not hang out, do not spend time with people around you, just sitting at home computer / mobile phone, you will be considered as arrogant because not socialize with them.

Well friend Paul Crinney, it is clear that social media is very influential on our world. You will spend time without socializing with the community. Though man is a social creature, can not live without the help of others.

Therefore, take your time a little to socialize with your surroundings. In order not to cause a bad result or response to you. Hopefully useful yes

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