What Type Of Hair Do Men Like To See On Women

What Type Of Hair Do Men Like To See On Women

In the present, not only women who pay attention and take care of appearance. Men do the same thing. They are aware to take care of and maintain their appearance well. not half-hearted, some men start styling to follow the latest trends. Including hair problems, men also began to pay attention to the appearance and health of their hair.

If first, only women who like mutually haircuts and hair color, men can do it. They also want to change the hair color if they can make them handsome like their idols, or can make women fascinated them.

However, of the many hair colors that exist, which is the most like women? Curious? Will be revealed in a minute.

A study conducted by the online dating site WhatsYourPrice.com found that blond men are not too popular with many women. Research conducted on 145,000 men in June and July 2015, revealed that men with blonde hair has a dating.

Why is that? Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of WhatsYourPrice.com says, “There are certain stereotypes that blond men are not so favorite. As the saying goes, blonde people prefer to have fun rather than commit. Women who want to date seriously usually avoid such a man. ”

What Type Of Hair Do Men Like To See On Women

Then, what kind of hair warrants picked or liked by women? Revealed, women consider the man with brown hair more attractive and sexy look. From that study, the brown-haired man who became a user of WhatsYourPrice.com dated for at least 10 months. While the priest-haired man only dated for three months.

Then, what about the man who has a natural black hair color from birth? Do they look interesting in the eyes of women too? Take it easy, men with black hair are also considered alluring and more attractive. But, still lose the superior with a man with brown hair. Men with black hair have a dating period that reaches just seven months.

Can we take the outline that men with brown hair look more sexy than other men. While blond hair guy is not too popular because it is considered can not be invited to commit.

So, are you interested to change the hair color to brown? Or you want to try hairstyles for over 60 with glasses? Its up to you!

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