Ways To Have a Healthy Mind

Follow these tips so that you can give your brain the stimulants necessary to keep growing personally and professionally.

Sure you had not thought about it, but maybe it’s time to take an inventory not only of your physical habits, but also of the mental ones.

Even if you do not monitor your physical health by reviewing each calorie you consume or step you take, you can use a list to carry some type of record. Exercise in the morning and salad to eat? Ready. Hike in the afternoon? Ready.

But what about your mind? Are you giving your brain the necessary stimulants or the exercise it requires? Here are six suggestions:

  1. Subscribe to a source of information. Acquire your favorite business magazine. This will give you a long list of intellectually stimulating articles.
  2. Surround yourself with knowledge. Studies show that there is a direct correlation between the number of books a child has at home and the level of education that it reaches. Surrounding yourself with books or audio files will help you remember your professional goals so you can achieve them.
  3. Adopt the habit of reading at the airport. Many professionals spend too much time waiting in airport waiting rooms or on planes. Although sometimes I use these moments to answer emails or watch a movie, I also stop at a store where I buy at least two magazines per trip. My usual choices are one for my metal health and one for my career. A small investment in each trip keeps me fresh.
  4. Listen to intelligent conversations. I recommend watching TV shows that invite cultured people to learn a little bit of everything. Getting into several discussions will help you articulate new ideas and observe different points of track. It’s not hard to feel smarter after watching shows like these.
  5. Set goals. Form habits. The simple process of setting goals can work wonders. What books, magazines and shows can you put on your mental list? Write them down, do a weekly ritual or even daily to cross out what you have done.
  6. Invite a successful person to drink coffee. Let this individual see how much esteem you have for him and that you would be honored to ask for his advice. I have done this many times and even I have been invited musikji. The odds are that, whoever you invite, you will be so flattered that they will gladly see you.

Do something today and avoid mental junk food. Start making healthier decisions about the information you consume and see how you grow.

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