The Best Apps for Your PC

One of the functions of your PC is to make things easier. But to make your works become easier, you need some apps that you should install on your PC. By installing these apps, you can do everything with your PC better, faster, and easier. So, what are best apps that you need to install on your PC? Here are the recommendations by

Best Apps for Your PC
Best Apps for Your PC

Install These Apps for Greater and Better Work

1. Internet Download Manager
For those of you who often download any file on the internet, starting with software, movies, songs, and so on, surely you know IDM aka Internet Download Manager? Yup, by using this very useful software, downloading any file is much faster. Even up to 10x faster and more practical. IDM also has a plug-in to download YouTube videos directly in your browser.

2. LibreOffice
Creating and processing documents is one of the most important things to do on a PC or laptop. One of the free document processing software that we recommend is LibreOffice. Its features are not much different from Microsoft Office, but with smaller and lighter file sizes.

3. WinRAR
This is one of the most useful software for PC and laptop users. WinRAR is a software that can be used to compress a collection of files into a ZIP or RAR file, as well as function as an extractor to open various files in a ZIP, RAR, 7z, JAR, ISO format, and so on. WinRAR is a software with complete and mandatory functions on every laptop or PC.

4. CCleaner
In order to keep the performance and performance running well, you also have to clean junk files such as cache, temporary files, and so on. So that makes your computer’s performance become lighter and faster. The best software to do this task is CCleaner. By installing and running CCleaner, your PC or laptop will feel much lighter and faster when used.

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