Success and Good Planning

At the end of 1911, two explorers entered a dispute to see who would first reach the South Pole in Antarctica. They were Roald Amundsen of Norway and Britain’s Robert Falcon Scott, both with a clear goal ahead of them: reaching the South Pole.

Amundsen’s expedition was a prime planning. All his supplies were drawn by dogs of races accustomed to the region. During the trip, “islands” of food were left for the return, that is, the cargo would become lighter and the return would be simply a well-marked trail of food islands. In addition, when choosing dogs to pull the sleds, as the load was getting light, Amundsen was slaughtering some to feed the other dogs. Nowadays, this may seem cruel to dogs, but the adverse conditions of Antarctica and the resources available at that time did not give them any more viable options.

Scott, on the other hand, chose to bring Manchurian ponies, accustomed to the cold, but who, besides not being able to eat each other, had to carry their own food, as well as all the stuff of the expedition. Scott also did not choose to leave a trail of food islands, so he had to carry everything on and off.

Both arrived at the South Pole, but Amundsen arrived earlier on December 14, 1911. Scott arrived about a month later, but his entire crew, including him, died on the way back, while the Amundsen team arrived a few pounds fat than gone. It is said that Scott died of cold and starvation, but by a sad coincidence, a few yards from one of Amundsen’s food islands, which was hidden under the snow.

Obviously, this is a dramatic example, but it clearly illustrates the importance of good planning for achieving the goals. Working without planning is like navigating without a compass. It’s the same as driving with your eyes closed. And the fact applies to all situations, including education and higher education. The culture of the Pedagogical Project is something that needs to be sought as a fundamental guide of the teaching performance and not only as a bureaucratic piece for regulatory purposes.

Journey To Malawi, Africa The Amazing Liwonde National Park

Journey To Malawi, Africa The Amazing Liwonde National Park

The part of Lake Malawi is definitely the one that struck me the most because it is very characteristic and, in my previous travels, I had not visited places comparable to this. This does not mean that even the Liwonde National Park was a surprise, despite the rivalry on the safari theme was much closer with other areas of Africa visited on previous trips.

It is a relatively small park (584 sq km) characterized mostly by savannah and populated by elephants, hippos, buffalos, crocodiles, impalas and warthogs, as well as several species of birds.

From the information I had collected before leaving, I had learned that in 2013 a program of reintegration of lions had been implemented best time to visit mexico, but I admit, we have not seen and therefore I can not say if it was successful. Although it is not the home of the great predators, several images have enchanted me of this place. The elephants are numerous and I really owe them the strongest emotions.

First of all it is right to specify that the park can be visited on foot, by jeep and also by boat, furrowing the placid waters of the Shire River that runs through the park.

As soon as we arrived at the Liwonde Safari Camp, we placed our luggage in the room and immediately immersed ourselves in the park with a long walk on foot during which we had the first close encounter with a herd of elephants, just a few hundred meters from we. It is clear, however, that the meetings with the elephants should not end there. We have indeed discovered that the territory occupied by the structure in which we stayed, which I strongly recommend for the very welcoming rooms, the excellent cleanliness and the good quality of food, is much loved by the elephants of the place, so that there they visited both in the evening and the following morning.

In the evening we were only warned by the managers of the structure who invited us not to leave the rooms and at night, but we have not seen them, we only perceived their presence by the loud rustle of the trees caused by their passage. In the morning, during the breakfast, the excitement became much stronger because they crossed the camp a score of elephants, just a few meters from us.

Obviously we could not move until they left, but the wait is not weighed at all because we could attend a show that I would say that you do not attend every day! The elephants, however, still had a surprise for us during our ride on the river, our boat had to stop to allow the passage of an entire herd from one bank to another. I had already witnessed this scene in Botswana but they are those things that it is very difficult to get tired of and that, whenever they happen, have the power to amaze and leave you speechless.

Lake Garda, A Weekend For The Whole Family Including Entertainment, Relaxation And Culture

Lake Garda, A Weekend For The Whole Family Including Entertainment, Relaxation And Culture

Weekend at Lake Garda for the whole family is the ideal trip out door meets both children and adults, encompassing entertainment, culture and wellness in one trip by car on the fabulous Lake Garda. A full weekend with an itinerary that will fully satisfy the expectations of the whole family. Action and fun on Saturday and Sunday relaxation and enrichment.

It begins with the lively activity for a Saturday of fun for young and old. If you want to invest a whole day at an amusement park, the BenĂ co – as it is also called the Garda – it is surrounded by attractions of all kinds, open every day until the end of September, and on weekends in October.

The famous Gardaland does not need any introduction, with its shows and the legendary rides, but also Canevaland, Lazise, ??will entertain people of all ages with various activities of the Movieland park. For the more adventurous travelhoundsusa, and for those who do not want to spend the whole day in a park, the Jungle Adventure at San Zeno di Montagna, will be an experience to remember. From simple routes for children to others for the most trained and experienced, with different access prices, you can live for a few hours the real adventure, in full contact with nature.

If you have enough free time in the afternoon, get off at Peschiera del Garda or Desenzano, and take a chartered boat for a few hours. Even if you are not in possession of a boating license, you can set sail on a boat with the whole family, and admire the mirror of water and the attractive little towns porticciuoli the coast, to head the Vittoriale, on the Brescia side or joining the enchanting Isola del Garda. For the evening, book a room in the same Desenzano, and explore the quiet coastal town as it is elegant.

Sunday dedicatela entirely in Sirmione, on the tip of the peninsula, which hosts on its territory is the famous Terme di Sirmione, with their sulphurous waters suitable for different preventive and curative therapies, and the Archaeological Area of ??the Grotte di Catullo, ancient villa of the Roman period, now reduced to ruins suggestive similar to an open-air cave. The name of Catullus, the Roman poet of the first century BC, he was given in honor of his poems dedicated to the same Sirmione, jewel of the lake.

7 Mini Modern Kitchens To Be Copied

7 Mini Modern Kitchens To Be Copied

When the square footage of the home environment does not help, to come to the rescue are style specific, the layout-saving intelligent and colors that illuminate the space. The next 7 kitchens teach small but the latest generation, in step with the latest trends and great functionality. We discover up close what characteristics make enviable and all to be copied!

Girlish and elegant

Made even more pleasing to the eye from the warm parquet essence, this first XS kitchen has nothing to envy to the largest. The romantic and delicate shades speaks volumes about its current footprint.

White L

A solution for all sizes, the mini kitchen with an L layout makes the versatile and dynamic environment. The black & white juxtaposition of this particular project gives a boost of open space modernity.

The available space-saving

A space-saving layout that proposed by the next mini kitchen opening onto the kitchen area to the dining room and the living. The dialogue between the parties is so soft and the symmetry helps the square footage to breathe. of style Lights with different lampshades.

Small but trendy

Having a small kitchen does not mean sacrificing the trendy details. This is the concept that teaches the current project there in which the counter for quick meals is enhanced by the simple exterior views and the presence of stools with padding pattern.

When gray is not the same boring

Compact and developed all on one side only a very nice kitchen in metallic gray goes here seamlessly with the dining room of an ultra modern apartment.

Colorful and smart

Mix material, woods, steel and resins, turn on the next small kitchen which incorporates in a single island equipped space, dining table and lighted hood. One solution to copy and complete with colorful touches here and there.

Focus on details

Focus on the details when space does not help in magnitude, we can focus on the details, from light industrial to bicromatica palette and mix of rustic and modern style.

A little ‘color

The color is certainly an element that helps a lot to bring a breath of fresh air in an environment. Here prevails the light wood combination – white and it was decided to give the go with the red lights suspended in industrial style. An element of rupture with all the rest, which gives a nice touch of character!

Arrangement Of The Lights In A Photographic Studio And Outdoor

Arrangement Of The Lights In A Photographic Studio And Outdoor

The arrangement of the lights in a photo studio is critical to be able to get the expected result the lack of shadows, the brightness of the subject or, on the contrary, a particular play of light.

The advantage of the photo studio is to allow you, the photographer, to fix everything so you can reuse it the same configuration or allow the change between very quickly configurations I remember that in the first few months I had attached to the wall a number different set on the basis of special needs such as the portrait without shadows, still life and so on. Then, with the passage of time, put the lights in a way rather than in another has become virtually automatic.

The first thing a photographer ago when alleste a photo studio, is to eliminate the windows natural light, no matter how nice, is evil. The only light that interests us is artificial as totally controllable. That’s why so many people setting up their studies in the cellars there sewa sound system jakarta, with natural light, just do not get it. We assume of course that you already own studio lights, say the halogen spotlights whose power is between 300 and 1500W, or alternative (with the same lumens) with fluorescent as to generate at least 1 stop difference compared to the main flash.

more reflective surface window

If instead it wants to photograph in any case using the natural light coming through a window, the simplest solution is to replace the flash with a reflective surface as in the diagram below

The light from the window will soften shadows placed behind the subject after bouncing on a reflector, a wall, a white sheet or whatever located behind the subject. Obviously eye in exposure times and ISO this is the best solution to avoid a wrong white balance (in the end we have only one light source), but has the disadvantage of filtering, probably, a quantity of not quite optimal light .

the triad

The best solution when you want to take a picture, whether it’s a studio or outdoors, is to use three sources of light. Whether it’s three blinks, the sun and two flash, the sun and two mirrors, a flash and walls, the effect could be obtained with such a solution is the cancellation of all the shadows on the subject or generated by the subject on the scene.

5 Shower To Change The Face Of The Bathroom

5 Shower To Change The Face Of The Bathroom

Renewing an environment such as the bathroom involves the important basis of assessments and the choice of the shower stall fall into these. According to taste, space and even to the charges, the options to give a new look to the bathroom starting from the shower are so many and for everyone: Let’s see.

The choice of health, when furnishing or renovating the bathroom, is certainly the most delicate. The city apartments offer space mostly small, so health care must meet certain essential space-saving rules. The shower has almost completely supplanted the tub but, also in this case, the box should not exceed certain measures, if the bathroom is small and tight jual rumput sintetis. In addition to the area available, it matters a lot even the taste of those who decorate and style to any home. The choice between the classic and modern styles for the bathroom is the first to accomplish, but also other interesting styles, such as rustic, they can provide valuable of bathroom decor ideas.

A small bathroom in need of a compact box shower, but that does not mean that it should be flat and anonymous. The choice may fall, for example, on a multi-function shower cabin that houses taps and shelves, plus the ability to transform the shower in a home sauna. Outside it appears very similar to the cabins of science fiction films, so the look is modern and technological course, factor to take into account if the rest of the furniture is classic or rustic. If you love minimalist and essential lines, but do not want to give up a touch of originality, betting on the back wall: paints and coatings in bright colors (or black, furnishing trend color) immediately give a different look to the bathroom and shower the same, especially if you leave the other walls white and the box is completely transparent.

Those who like to add special fantasies, can do so on the shower and, in this case, you do not even change it! The walls of the box, in fact, can be decorated with geometric applications, painted directly on the glass or through other forms, such as stencils. Choosing the imagination and color, it just needs to decorate the walls of the shower, for a DIY simple but garantito.Chi effect prefers contemporary forms, can opt for a suspended shower: the shower stall in this case it is anchored to the floor, but above it by a few centimeters.